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our clients like to come to us for the personal touch and the homely and relaxed feeling they have afterwards. Our facial and massage products are not tested on animals and as organic as they can be, and to be sure that your skin is looked after, our lashes products are always patch tested. 

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Lash lift 

The lash lift is an alternative to extensions and require no maintenance for 6 to 8 weeks. Lifting your natural lashes to show the full lenght and with the tint, they look fuller and darker. The mascara look without mascara


Lava Shell Massages

A treat of a very relaxing heated massage using natural shells. a slow treatments using heat transfer to fully relax the muscles of your body.

Colour lash extensions, an easy way to get those eyes noticed!

Have you got a special event, party, weekend away, or just love a bit of colour. Here is an option for you you might not have thought of. Choose your colour/colours and add a bit of magic to your eyes!

Those are half set, mainly concentrating on the outside of the eyes, but can be scattered all along the lashes. get your party lashes on and choose to stand out this summer!

Look into the online booking for prices and colour options to suit you.


A full range of facials from beauty facials, microdermabrasion , collagen feed and ultrasonic cleans. For men and women.

Hot paraffin wax hands or feet treatments

A heal and repair treatment, highly hydrating, excellent for arthritic pain as well as repairing the skin

Full body or part body microdermabrasion.

Do you suffer with dry skin or maybe you are getting your skin ready for a fake tan and you want it to last, or generally looking to get summer ready?

The BODY MICRODERMABRASION - A mechanical exfoliation, completely pain free, will lift and take away all the dead skin in problematic areas, whilst stimulating and opening the pores and increasing blood flow for a healthy, glowing skin.

After your microderm we will also apply our organic oils to rehydrate your skin, and leave you feeling amazing.

A new treatment already making headlines in America, now available here at R3balance as part of our body and wellness packages.

Choose from full body or specific area of concern e.g: back, décolletage, legs, arms, stomach or face, or combinations of your choice.


Waxing tinting and a few other beauty treatments available. See our online booking for full details.

Pregnancy massage

More than ever we know you need it. Book in and let us know your are pregnant so we make sure to use the proper support for you and your baby.