Lettie  Stoykova

Hello, I would like to introduce myself.


My name is Lettie Stoykova and I’m fully certified permanent makeup artist.


I have been trained by one of the leaders in the permanent makeup industry - Katy Jobbins.


Katy is considered to have changed and shaped the Permanent Makeup industry as we know it nowadays.



How Can You Benefit from Permanent Makeup?


The benefits from permanent makeup are endless and it is proven that whoever has decided to go for this type of makeup found it life-changing.

A tailored permanent makeup can enhance your natural facial features and can be suited to each person’s needs, personal preferences, desires, facial shape, and when applied by a professional Permanent Makeup Artist, the results can be outstanding.


You will notice the difference straight away and will start receiving compliments immediately. You will also save so much time and effort from having to apply makeup every single day, that you will probably end up not knowing what to do with it!


A professional Permanent Makeup Artist can help you to create the vision you have, as well as if needed, to substitute brows that are not looking good or not present due to some illness; can enhance your lashes, lips, eyeliner, and overall look.

The Permanent Makeup Artist can also help you to correct/improve/update previous permanent makeup. Whatever your wish is, I am here to help you with that!

contact us for any information or questions you might have.