Beauty & Healing

We will be back… soon…

And things are changing… a little.


A year ago this week was our last normal week, little did we know how things were going to change for every single one of us, in one way or the other.

What a year it has been! All being well we should be able to re-open the doors to you on the 12th April. I cannot wait to see you all again!



During that year things changed at R3balance, and when you come back you will notice some changes. We are saying goodbye to Carly and Matt and hello to Lettie and maybe another couple of people soon.

We are wishing Carly and Matt GOOD LUCK for their future projects. I am sorry to see you leave R3balance. It has been 5 years of growing as businesses and people and I will never forget it. You have both chosen to go on different adventures now and I am sure you will both go on doing great things you have always wanted to do. I wish you both the best!



Welcome Lettie, she is a permanent make up artist and will be joining the team as soon as we can re-open, bringing her own business to R3balance.



I need your help on a new project.

I would like to create a wellbeing hub, and that’s where you come in.

Are you, or do you know anyone that would like to bring their therapy or service maybe a few times a week, once a week or a month to R3balance?

This could be anything that makes people happy, whether it is reflexology, acupuncture, counselling for adults or children, medium, Botox, chiropractic, book club, hair up hairdresser, make up artist, the list goes on. So please share and I would be delighted to have a chat.



Some things however, won’t change.

I will keep the Winter Bodycare going for now as some didn’t get a chance to enjoy it yet until 21/06/2021, which is then technically summer.

The NHS and Volunteer discount will remain in place for the foreseeable future and so will the discount on upfront payments and bookings. Please note those cannot be used in conjunction with each other, only one discount at a time.

Your vouchers regardless of date will be valid this year, so please book them in.



Other Covid-19 related news

Some of you might have followed our social media and already know, I have had my first vaccine and we be having my second by the time we can open again. this is an added layer of protection for myself and for you when you are able to visit.

We are still, regardless of vaccine, operating with full PPE and cleaning routines as before this last lock down. Rooms, reception area, door handles, stair case, buzzer, toilet will still be clean after each client.

contact us for any information or questions you might have.